Hammad Akbar

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Hammad Akbar Introducing StealthGenie as the Best Mobile Tracking Application Liked By Parents


Hammad Akbar is the famous personality that invents the StealthGenie application. He is the chief executive officer of Invocode Pvt.Ltd that is a business firm that promotes and advertises StealthGenie on the web. He invented it with the presence of his co-conspirators. This is the perfect tool to utilize in eavesdropping on conversations between phones. These phones may include Blackberry Limited, Google’s Android, and Apple’s iPhone. StealthGenie is the best mobile tracking application that is favored by most parents. The only problem is that this app is not yet found to be downloaded. There are many features that you can like from using this application. One of these facets consists monitoring and recording outbound and inbound calls. 

Apart from it, there is an opportunity of seeing through the logging history of e-mails and text messages. This even permits BBM or Gtalk monitoring. Seeting through the address note and calendar note, they are obtained quickly. The outgoing phone conversations and incoming phone conversations are acquired. This is done the easiest manner. The URL’s can also be logged in and the history of the sites can be visited. StealthGenie is not only approved by kin relations but other individuals in listening on the phone. This even indicates that you are permitted to hear on the atmosphere in the live facet. 


Afterwards, you can hear on the conversation and keep it later. SIM change notification is usually present, including the number alert and keyword. Phone users are allowed of using them appropriately. This even suggestes that you can lock it in and wipe it. You can then send commands using the control section. The surroundings can be recorded and listened to as well. Hammad Akbar is the best inventor because he wants that the application allows users locate certain objects. Individuals are made known about the safe venue. The restricted venue is also known. Another best facet that this app has is the Geo fencing. Its blocking expertise makes it the best. It is a must-have app for many users. The good thing is that there are no restrictions.

This even provides twenty-four hour seven customer support and live chat feature that makes it comfortable to use and manage. This is an excellent app that introduces many features. The difference and advantage of the app is the venue tracking facet. This also runs in its stealth mode and there are no complaints about it. This is also an application that is noted not only for its features. It also comes along its appropriate and reliable cost. 

Despite the fact that this lacks other features, the phone movements are tracked online. The call activities are also handled effectively. Hammad Akbar found out this app with the capability of activating and looking through the atmosphere of the targeted user. The current location of the user of the phone is also seen. The restricted areas are set on the map and instant email alerts or SMS are received. The beneficiary and sender of the messages are viewed on. These are presented in their complete text. The chat sessions on instant messengers are spied on like Viber, WhatsApp, Skype and Gtalk. There is also a capability of viewing on a wide array of multimedia files on the targeted phone: music, photos and videos.

Hammad Akbar and his team programmed this Stealthgenie spyware app in synchronizing and intercepting communications. Users can review the intercepted communication right through the computer. In utilizing the app, there is just a need to focus on the physical control. This can be checked on for a few minutes. The conversations are assessed that are interrupted from the targeted mobile phone. This is untraceable to the phone users. This serves its spying purpose for the user. The business plan includes the advertisement, development and sale of the application. This is sold to males and females whose partners are tricksters. This is the excellent app to have. This can be used in finding out the unfaithful activities of spouse or partner. 


Even if Hamamd Akbar faced the issue on the app, he is still innocent. He is not yet known to be guilty. Apart from it, he is still admired for his discovery that allows couples of spying on their cheating lovers. StealthGenie is even untraceable and functions in a full stealth mode. There is not also a single hint after putting the application on the targeted mobile phone. The only thing that you need to do is to find a few more minutes of installing the app. This is enough in configuring and installing the phone. Hammad Akbar is even adored for his abilities and know-how. StealthGenie is helpful in surreptitiously uploading data. This best includes the messages. After using you app account, the phone action is then inspected. This is also recorded for the benefit of the user.